A lesson in ....

Yesterday was tough. I felt like I was missing out on something huge. Like the feeling I get when I know there is a shoe sale on and I can't get there for the start - you know what I'm talking about. The overwhelming fear that all the best deals will be gone by the time you get there and you'll be left with a pair of neon wedges.

Yesterday, I learned about #pitmad. You experienced writers all gave that same "ah!" at the same time. For me, as a newbie, it seemed like a feeding frenzy and I wasn't even close to the buffet.

I had just got my final round of revisions back from my editor on my first book and was just working my way through them to add the final polish. I had a plan to submit – a detailed list of publishers and agents that represent authors who write books similar to mine. A friend had brokered an amazing connection for me with a phenomenal lady from a well-known romance publishing house. I was working on a synopsis. Not quite ready but then I saw #pitmad on a post by a literary agent I have been following on twitter and my plan dissolved into a frantic race to describe my book in 140 characters. I burned hours playing around with words, polishing, perfecting and condensing.

I still had a day to go on the final edits and knew I couldn’t immediately submit which was against the rules and the rebel in me kept yelling just do it!

But I opted for patience. To have faith that the process I had carefully laid out would pay off. And on the plus side …. I now have seven or eight #pitmad pitches ready for the next time it comes around