Second Circle Tattoos Series

This romantic suspense series is a glimpse into the world of tattooing as seen through the eyes of the staff of SECOND CIRCLE TATTOOS, where the ink is hot, and the love lives hotter. Meet Trent, Cujo, Pixie, and Lia, as they fall in love in unexpected ways to the sultry beat of Miami.

Preload Series

This dark contemporary romance follows PRELOAD, quickly ascending the charts as the most explosive rock band of their generation. But fame has done little to overcome the traumas of their past. Traumas that have the power to decimate the band, and themselves, unless love can heal them first.

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Love Over Duty Series

This smoking-hot romantic suspense series gets down and dirty with three ex-Navy SEALs bound by a brotherhood that goes beyond the insignias they’ve earned and the fatigues they wore. Watch these heroes find out how complicated life becomes when you place LOVE OVER DUTY. 

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