What's on your life soundtrack, today?

Does your life have a soundtrack? We’re not talking the High-Fidelity-Top-Five-list, more an organic accompaniment to the daily grind. Like you’re walking along, your hair’s gone a little Farrah Fawcett, you’re rocking the flares and a peasant blouse, and suddenly you’re humming the opening guitar to Sweet Home Alabama. Or you’re heading into the gym, feeling strong and amped up. Before you know it, you’re right there with Rocky running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art as the famous opening to Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti starts in your head. Wanna take a guess which tune joined me when I fell off the pilates ball I sit on to write? (As a side note, I do not prescribe dancing on one while writing along to Royal Blood.) Bounce, by Calvin Harris. I don’t, as it happens.

So today, I am all about this:

Not in a leaving-for-Venus literal sense, obviously. (I watched Interstellar last night, and that movie messed with my head so badly, I’m confident space is not for me.) I feel like I took an eighteen month ride up the first elevation of a roller coaster, and I’m about to hurtle down the other side.

One hundred days from today, I’ll be a published author. As in people other than my agent, editor, my critique partners, and a handful of friends will be able to buy my book, read it, and review it. My debut, THE STRONGEST STEEL, will be published by St. Martin’s Press on the 7th of July. It feels like a long time from now, but in the life of writing a book, it really is the home stretch.

I’ll keep you posted over the next one hundred days how thing are going. But for today, I want to know, what’s on your life soundtrack right now?